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Great Eco Gifts for Home

This year, green gifts are at the top of many shopping lists as people continue to hop aboard the eco bandwagon.  If you’re looking for gifts that look good while being good to Mother Earth, here three presents with…presence. (more…)

His & Her Gifts Made in the USA

Steven Randazzo,

Steven Randazzo,

Looking for the perfect gift to slip under the tree? How about something made in the USA (because buying home-grown supports American jobs and local communities)?  (more…)

Gem-Dandy! 7 Unique Ways to Decorate with Minerals

Each year, adults and kids alike venture to museums to admire beautiful minerals that captivate with their unique shapes, vibrant colors and jewel-like sparkle.  Now, designers are turning heads with their spin on minerals with decor that wows and intrigues.  Here are seven gem- dandy ways you can bring the look home. (more…)

Trend Alert–Shine is Fine!


Every home has its dark side.  Whether it’s a corner that natural light just can’t reach, a space with small windows or a basement room totally sheltered from the sun, areas like these are challenges for us all, especially during winter when daylight hours are shorter.  But this year can be different because designers are flipping the switch from dark to dazzling with reflective decor that catches and bounces the light.  (more…)

Wood Works Wonders

Scott Frances,

Scott Frances,

As Autumn temps begin their seasonal fall, now’s the perfect time to warm up to wood. After years of all things glass and metal, designers are rediscovering how transforming some touches of timber can be.  (more…)

Rock Stars

Mikkel Vang,

Mikkel Vang,

Since cave dweller days, we’ve been decorating with stone.  Whether used in its original state or carefully chiseled into custom shapes and sizes, stone delivers beautiful color and texture derived from nature.  Now designers are re-imagining this timeless design element in ways that are fresh, modern and very of the moment. (more…)

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