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City Slickers

Nancy Deptolla; Michael Moran,;,

Nancy Deptolla; Michael Moran,;,

For design inspiration, it’s hard to beat the streets of Manhattan. Iconic architecture like One World Trade Center impresses with its shape and scale. Homes are all about stylish spin, like this posh penthouse in SoHo, where window walls create wow and an all-glass ceiling reflects light in dramatic fashion.  Shopping in hot spots like Nomad’s Moooi store reveal materials, color, pattern and texture used in intriguing ways. The look is hip yet haute; and made for melting-pot mixing–just like the city itself.

We’re floored by the ‘city that never sleeps.’ Here are three ways you can be, too.  (more…)

State-ly Style,,

We’re often asked where we find design inspiration.  And the answer is…”Everywhere.” Sometimes it lands in our lap while perusing the pages of a book. Other times, we lift a fork to it when served a meal filled with colorful contrast and texture.  But most of the time, our imagination truly takes flight when we do. Yes, road trips are the secret to much of our design success. Why? Because there’s nothing quite as inspiring as the natural beauty of America found when traveling across state lines. (more…)

New Trend Alert–Urban Suburbanism,;,;

America’s current real estate boom is shattering the myth about Millennials and how they like to live. They may be city-dwellers at heart but their eventual migration moves them away from urban centers.  As they’re marrying, having families and purchasing homes later in life than their parents did, when they do buy their first home, it’s likely to be in the same place where their parents bought theirs…the suburbs(more…)

Ivy League Floors

Princeton's East Pyne Hall, Michael Mancuso/The Times of Trenton,

Princeton’s East Pyne Hall; Michael Mancuso/The Times of Trenton,

Back-to-school time conjures up memories of all types.  How it felt to turn the crisp pages of a new textbook.  The forever fragrant aroma of the gym locker room.  And for design lovers like us…the heart-stopping moment when we first laid eyes on a beautiful campus like Princeton University. Located a mere 90 minutes from Mannington’s Salem, NJ, headquarters, Princeton is one of several Ivy League institutions whose iconic architecture is both firmly footed in the past and the future. Architecture like this inspires and awakens our imaginations, especially when we’re thinking about flooring… (more…)

French Twist

Every Summer, vacationers flock to the French countryside to take in the sights of lovely homes like these. Whether it’s a grand chateau (with haute horse-in-waiting), cozy cottage or simple farmhouse, romancing the view comes natural in homes that take their cue from the land around them in effortless style. (more…)

Globetrotter Style

Michael Calderwood, Rory Gardiner, Nicholas Pitt,

Michael Calderwood, Rory Gardiner, Nicholas Pitt,

It’s vacation time! Whether channeling your inner Tarzan (or Jane), hanging ten or shopping the streets, one thing’s clear–design inspiration is all around. That’s why style lovers like us get snapshot happy as soon as we hit the road, clicking pics of everything from architecture to trees.  And what develops from our photojournal moments?  New ways of seeing color and texture that infuse the flooring we make with global style that’s totally of-the-moment. For example… (more…)

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